Address by the Regional Governor


The new Regional Operational Program (ROP) Western Greece 2014-2020 (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020) is our completed strategic plan for the development of the Region in the coming years.

Our goal is to support the efforts for recovery of the national economy and return to growth, after so many years of continuous recession.

Key development priorities of the new ROP Western Greece is the strengthening of competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, boosting employment and social cohesion, improving the environment and adaptation to climate change, the integrated urban development plans and the upgrading of primary sector and country.

With good preparation and effective planning, throughout the previous period, we managed to have more resources in the new ROP Western Greece than the previous program.

Our aim and responsibility, now, is to work for the efficient absorption of funds and the construction of projects that would bring added value to our Region.

Through the new program we manage to combine the primary sector, the entrepreneurship, the tourism sector, the culture and the other sectors with innovation and knowledge produced by the ​​research and scientific institutions in our area, as well as with a sustainable environment.

In addition, we are developing policies to remove inequalities and support the weak links in society.

Inside the harsh environment of the crisis, our goal remains to bring development back to our Region. A development that is not based on the disastrous model of “yesterday” that brought us to the current situation, but a smart, sustainable and inclusive one that enhances the cohesion of societies and meet the visions and expectations of the people of our region.


Apostolos Katsifaras

Regional Governor of Western Greece