NEW Supplier Register

The Managing Authority of Western Greece Region with the 1453 / 11-4-2017 Decision of the Regional Governor of Western Greece, directs an open call for expressions of interest about inclusion in the list of suppliers – service providers of the Managing Authority of Western Greece Region, for the categories of Technical Assistance actions of OP “Western Greece 2014-2020”.


The list will be used for procurement and service contracts in accordance with the procedure of article 12 of CSD 23451 / EFSAA493 / 24.02.2017 (Government Gazette 677 / B / 03.03.2017) that will be required to meet ESA Technical Assistance needs of Western Greece Region and relevant needs of other bodies of the Program.


The invitation will remain open for the duration of the 2014-2020 Programming Period and until 31/12/2023 so that there is no time or other restriction on the ability of suppliers and service providers to subscribe to it. It is clarified that a natural / legal person may be registered in more than one directory.


The natural / legal persons who meet the requirements for inclusion in the list under this call may express their interest in specific category (s) of actions by submitting to the Managing Authority of Western Greece Region – Unit C – Ν.E.O. Patras – Athens 28, 26441 Patras according to the terms of the invitation.


The new Decision – Call for the 2014-2020 programming period is available here