Photos of the most emblematic projects

MIS 5001877: Upgrading main building of the General Hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas” and Supply – Installing medical equipment and furnishing

MIS 5000263: Restoration of the Static Adequacy of Thermos Secondary School

MIS 5000427: Urban Development Interventions in the city of Amfilochia

MIS 5000887: Integrated Intervention of Urban Development of Aigio city of Aigialeia municipality

MIS 5000289: Construction of a school complex – Elementary School of Lappa

MIS 5000420: Integrated Intervention of Urban Development of Patras – Municipality of Patras

MIS 5000433: Reconstruction of the historical and the commercial Center of Kato Achaia

MIS 5000451: Flood control projects and delimitation of Alfeios River in Ilia Prefecture

MIS 5000458: Reconstruction of the ASO area in Lechaina and Revival of Cultural Routes

MIS 5000463: Urban Revitalization of Nafpaktos Castle Town with upgrading of the urban wings

MIS 5000464: Reconstruction of the center of Thermo, aesthetic upgrading of integration and highlighting of the important points of the city

MIS 5000481: Construction of New Spastic Children Unit – Daily Care Center of Patras

MIS 5000497: Housing of Supported Living of the Alkyone Association

MIS 5000553: Α) Daily Care Center and Β) One Boarding House of nine people and one Apartment of four people for mentally disabled people

MIS 5000558: Construction of the 2nd High School of Mesolongi

MIS 5000883: Construction of Primary School and Nursery School of Menidi

MIS 5000951: Construction of a new two storey Recovery– Rehabilitation Center, One Day Clinic and Day Accommodation and Care of people with special needs with basement and therapy pool

MIS 5001008: Special Primary School in the Autism spectrum in Patras – Building works & E/M installations

MIS 5001272: Intervention of Urban Development of Amaliada City of Ilida Municipality

MIS 5000252: Construction of a Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High School of Erymanthia

MIS 5000324: Upgrading of existing suburban railway lines in Patras

MIS 5000429: Construction of the 16th All Day Primary School of Patras

MIS 5000469: Integrated Plan for Urban Reconstruction “Ipsikaminos” and sub-projects: “Xistris” Theme Park and Green City Route

MIS 5002956: Construction of a landfill site of the Regional Unit of Ilia

MIS 5001995: Creation of cycling, hiking and mountaineering routes in Nafpaktia

MIS 5003735: Waste transhipment station of Aktio-Vonitsa

MIS 5003854: Supply of Mechanical Equipment for the Landfill of the 3rd G.E.N. in Aitoloacarnania and Transport Compression Equipment of Astakos S.M.A.

MIS 5000355: Reconstruction of the historic center and the coastal zone of Vonitsa and creation of a cultural center

MIS 5004323: Upgrading part of Agrinio – Agios Vlasis road of Agrinio – Karpenisi National Road